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The patents – yes, juvent is unique

Want to know the secret (we call it science) of Juvent’s Micro-Impact? Its all here.

According to the U.S. Patent & Trademark office Juvent technology is not like other devices. Period.

With over 26 issued and pending patents worldwide for our mechanisms, software, and methods; the clinically proven benefits and safety are found ONLY on Juvent.

After $45 million dollars, Juvent proven Micro-Impact Resonant Frequency Technology, was researched by top sciences developed by top engineers, and have been confirmed clincally by the medical community.

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Juvent has not licensed this technology to anyone

So if anyone tells you “They are just like Juvent?” They’re not!
Applying Effective Micro-Impact safely and effecting is no simple task. JUVENT scientists, and ISO, OSHA, and clinically studies have shown; Vibration machines without the proper controls and software can be VERY dangerous. The injuries can be subtle, but are very real and may not appear for years.

Final note: We plead with people to not to be victims of devices that are better suited as paint shakers and are not suited for joints and vital organs.


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Juvent’s Micro-Impact technology

Our patent portfolio

Our patent portfolio has been reviewed by one of the world’s leading IP firms and is ranked as the highest in the field of vibration and micro-impact stimulation of the body. Juvent’s Micro-Impact technology offers something no other company can offer; legally. Buying a product that violates one or more these patents puts you at risk of having no support and warranty.