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John Paul “My balance is improving” Here is my story and I look forward to continued balance improvement along with with all the other health benefits the JUVENT offers Lee S.

I have just finished 20 minutes on my brand new JUVENT that was delivered about 2 hours ago —

My Story

Let me tell you my story which led to my purchase and why I want a JUVENT in my home here in Florida for daily use and not to mention, the JUVENT will go with me to our summer home in Georgia

I had been suffering with osteoarthritis of both knees and put off surgery for many years.
I finally knew it was time and scheduled my left knee replacement for Jan 14, 2019, followed by the right knee replacement on April 15, 2019. My surgery was done at Jupiter Medical Center by Dr. Andrew Noble, who is more than amazing and I would highly recommend. Dr. Noble wanted my body to be prepared before surgery and sent me to Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center in Wellington which is close to my home. After both surgeries, I went to Gardens Court Rehab Center for 17 and 18 days. When the Gardens Rehab was completed, I was sent back to Fyzical therapy in Wellington for continued therapy by Dr. Noble After my April 15th surgery, the Fyzical Therapy Office had acquired the JUVENT which my Therapist Brian Russell included in my treatment before and after my regular sessions.

My Physician Dr. Noble had at this time referred me to a Neurologist Dr. Jennifer Buczyner, as I was having Balance issues big time. I was diagnosed with mild neuropathy in my legs and feet. She gave me an RX for additional Balance Therapy.
I told her I was going to Fyzical Therapy in Wellington and she was very pleased as she said that is where she recommends her patients to go because they have the JUVENT Machine which will help my balance and neuropathy as well as strengthening my legs.
Dr. Buczyner told me to have at least 3- 10-minute sessions every time I go for therapy- I told Brian, my therapist, and he then recommended 2 10-minute sessions before my regular therapy then 2 -10-minute sessions after therapy. Within 3-4 weeks after including he JUVENT my calves and legs are stronger than they have ever been and my balance is improving.

My Therapy Sessions were ending and I wanted to continue the JUVENT. Brian, my Therapist, offered a monthly plan to come in and continue the Juvent therapy I was going to do this however since we spend summers in the N Georgia Mountains, and in checking the hospitals and therapy centers there, no one had the JUVENT At this point, I contacted John Paul at JUVENT and made the decision for my continued good health. to purchase the JUVENT for my homes.

I know this had made a difference in my life as before surgery, I could not walk to the mailbox and now I am walking daily several blocks with my Husband. My balance is improving every day and I am a Happy Camper—Thank you Bryan Russell 💟💟 and JUVENT–also want to thank Fyzical Therapy Center Director Brett Perera.

Oh, by the way, I am 83 years young and intend to stay healthy, active and young with my very own JUVENT!!

Thanks, John Paul for giving me the opportunity to share my story on what the JUVENT
is doing for me and answering my questions—
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